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Book Chapter

P Chan, Hydrogels with tuneable properties. In: J.M. Walker (ed), Methods in Molecular Biology, Cartilage Tissue Engineering – Methods and Protocols, (Humana Press/Springer, New York; accepted /in press February 2015).

P.P.Y. Chan, L. Wang, DNA-lipid amphiphiles for drug and gene therapy, in Alberto Ciferri (eds): Ionic interactions in natural and synthetic macromolecules, John Wiley & Sons, 551-580, 2012. (view paper)

A.Qi, P. Chan, L. Yeo, J. Friend, Acoustic nanoparticle synthesis, in Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology (ed. B Bhushan), Springer, New York pp 31-40, 2012. (view paper).


Journal Publications

H. Tavassoli, P. Rorimpandey, Y.C. Kang, M. Carnell, C. Brownlee, J.E. Pimanda, P.P.Y. Chan, V. Chandrakanthan, Label‐Free Isolation and Single Cell Biophysical Phenotyping Analysis of Primary Cardiomyocytes Using Inertial Microfluidics, 17(8), 2006176, 2021 (view paper).

S. Grossemy, P.P.Y. Chan, P.M. Doran, Enhanced Neural Differentiation Using Simultaneous Application of 3D Scaffold Culture, Fluid Flow, and Electrical Stimulation in Bioreactors, Advanced Biology 2000136, 2021 (view paper).

S. Grossemy, P.P.Y. Chan, P.M. Doran, Stimulation of cell growth and neurogenesis using protein-functionalized microfibrous scaffolds and fluid flow in bioreactors” accepted in Biochemical Engineering Journal 159, 107602, 2020 (view paper).

K.W. Cheng, L. Alhasan, A.R. Rezk, A. Al-Abboodi, P. Doran, L.Y. Yeo, P.P.Y. Chan, Fast three-dimensional micropatterning of PC12 cells in rapidly crosslinked hydrogel scaffolds using ultrasonic standing waves, Biofabrication, 12(1), 2019 (view paper).

S. Grossemy, P.P.Y. Chan, P.M. Doran, Electrical stimulation of cell growth and neurogenesis using conductive and nonconductive microfibrous scaffolds, Integrative Biology, 11(6), 264-279, 2019 (view paper)

A.Al-Abboodi, S. Zhang, M. Al-Saady, J. Ong, P. Chan, J. Fu, Tissue sealant with visible light crosslinked porous hydrogel, Biomedical Materials, (view paper).

N.S. Taheri, Y. Wang, K. Berean, P.P.Y. Chan, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, Lithium intercalated molybdenum disulphide-coated cotton thread as viable nerve tissue scaffold candidate, ACS Applied Nano Materials 2(4), 2044-2053, 2019 (view paper).

J.J. Kim, P.P.Y. Chan, J. Vlassakis, A. Geldert, A.E. Herr, Microparticle delivery of protein markers for single-cell western blotting from microwells, Small 14(48), 1802865, 2018 (view paper).

Hossein Tavassoli, Sanaz Naghavi Alhosseini, Andy Tay, Peggy P.Y. Chan, Steve Kah Weng Oh, and Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani, Large-scale production of stem cells utilizing microcarriers: a biomaterials engineering perspective from academic research to commercialized products biomaterials, Biomaterials (view paper)

Hossein Tavassoli, Jafar Javadpour, Mahdiar Taheri, Morteza Mehrjou, Newsha Koushki, Farzin Arianpour, Mohammad Majidi, Jalal Izadi-Mobarakeh, Babak Negahdari, Peggy Chan, Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani, andShahin Bonakdar, Incorporation of Nanoalumina Improves Mechanical Properties and Osteogenesis of Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering., 4 (4), 1324–1336, 2018 (view paper).

Y. Zhang, P. Chan, A. Herr, Rapid capture and release of nucleic acids through a reversible photo-cycloaddition reaction in the psoralen-functionalized hydrogel, Angewandte Chemie, DOI:10.1002/anie.201711441, 2018. (view paper)

A.Nilghaz, S. Hoo, W. Shen, X. Lu, P.P.Y. Chan, Multilayer cell culture system supported by thread, Sensors & Actuator: B. Chemical 257, 650-657, 2018 (view paper)

S. Ramesan, K.W. Cheng, A.R. Rezk, P.P.Y. Chan, L. Y. Yeo, Acoustically-driven thread-based tuneable gradient generators, Lab on a Chip, 16, 2820-2828, 2016 (view paper)

X. Hou, M. Wang, C. Wiraja, W. Huang, P. Chan, T. Tan, C. Xu, Layer-by-layer 3D constructs of fibroblasts in hydrogel for examining transdermal penetration capability of nanoparticles, Journal of Laboratory Automation, DOI: 10.1177/2211068216655753 (view paper)

L. Alhasan, A. Qi, A. Al-Abboodi, A. Rezk, P.P.Y. Chan, C. Iliescu, L.Y. Yeo, Rapid enhancement of cellular spheroid assembly by acoustically-driven microcentrifugation, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2(6), 1013-1022, 2016 (view paper)

L. Alhasan, A. Qi, A.R. Rezk, L.Y. Yeo, P.P.Y. Chan, Assessment of potential of a high frequency acoustomicrofluidic nebulisation platform for inhaled stem cell therapy, Integrative Biology DOI: 10.1039/C5IB0206K (view paper). Featured by RSC Chemistry World.

Y.Y. Chun, J.K. Wang, N.S. Tan, P.P.Y. Chan, T.T.Y. Tan, C. Choong, A periosteum-inspired 3D hydrogel-bioceramic composite for enhanced bone regeneration, Macromolecular Bioscience, DOI:10.1002/mabi.201500258, 2015 (view paper).

A.Y. Abuelfilat, Y. Kim, P. Miller, S.P. Hoo, P. Chan, J. Fu, Bridging Structure and Mechanics of Three-Dimensional Porous Hydrogel with X-ray Ultramicroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy, RSC Advances 5, 63909-63916, 2015 (view paper).

F. Sarvi, K. Jain, T. Arbatan, P.J. Verma, K. Hourigan, M.C. Thompson, W. Shen, P.P.Y. Chan, Cardiogenesis of embryonic stem cell with liquid marble micro-bioreactor, Advanced Healthcare Materials 4, 77-86, 2015 (view paper).

Y. Kim, A.Y. Abuelfilat, S.P. Hoo, A. Al-Abboodi, B. Liu, T. Ng, P. Chan, J. Fu, Tuning the surface properties of hydrogel at nanoscale with focused ion irradiation, Soft Matter 10, 8448-8456, 2014 (view paper).

A.Al-Abboodi, R. Tjeung, P.M. Doran, L.Y. Yeo, J. Friend, P.P.Y. Chan, In situ generation of tunable porosity gradients in hydrogel-based scaffolds for microfluidic cell culture, Advanced Healthcare Materials 3(10), 1655-1670 (2014).

D. Fon, A. Al-Abboodi, P.P.Y. Chan, K. Zhou, P. Crack, D.I. Finkelstein, J.S. Forsythe, Effects of GDNF-Loaded Injectable Gelatin-Based Hydrogels on Endogenous Neural Progenitor Cell Migration, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 3(5), 761-774, 2014 (view paper).

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A.Qi, S.P. Hoo, J. Friend, L. Yeo, Z. Yue, P.P.Y. Chan, Hydroxypropyl cellulose methacrylate as a photo-patternable and biodegradable hybrid paper substrate for cell culture and other bioapplications, Advanced Healthcare Materials 3(4), 543-554 (2014).

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Motoichi Kurisawa, Peggy Pui Yik Chan, Joo Eun Chung, Fan Lee, Flavonoid hydrogel, PCT Patent 13/375,097, filing date: 29 Nov 2011.


Refereed Conference Publications

NS Taheri, P Chan, JR Friend, L Yeo, A waveguide based microfluidic application, Proceeding SPIE. 8923 Micro/Nano Materials, Devices and Systems, 89234O. DOI: 10.1117/12.2033743, 2013.

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